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Our Story

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Established in 2006, YOCA, or Young Collective Artists, a premium Home Couture Brand, was founded through the synergies between three artists; Zayd Bilgrami, Ahsan Najmi and Sarah Najmi Bilgrami. Together, this spirited team of three bring forth a combination of inspirational creativity, seasoned industry exposure and academic design credentials from the coveted Rhode Island School of Design.




Bespoke Design

This dynamic trio of artists represent a second generation of practitioners, whose predecessors have accumulated 35 years of architectural expertise at Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative Ltd (NBCL), where all three team members are also partners. With a profound knowledge of architectural and interior design and scales, YOCA takes pride in producing bespoke pieces with emphasis on aesthetics and quality of genuine materials, which are the pinnacle of crafting any piece of furniture. Indeed, YOCA is the only home couture boutique in Pakistan that is managed by professionally trained architects.


Design Authority

For YOCA, excellence, quality and finesse in design are the most vital ingredients. With a philosophy of high design, they are distinguished by their understated elegance. As a boutique brand, YOCA is widely regarded as a design authority, known for working with only the best quality materials, paying meticulous attention to detail through painstaking craftsmanship, defining trends and constantly aspiring to honor a commitment to bring luxury and quality design to spaces.

YOCA Interiors

The YOCA team has also designed spectacular interiors and spaces for some of Pakistan's most prominent fashion power houses including Sania Maskatiya, Nida Azwer and Ayesha F.Hashwani.